About Glen

I’m a professor of communications at Ryerson University. I recently completed my PhD in Information Studies at University of Toronto. I teach classes at Ryerson on digital media design and theory. My research examines locative media and how mobile devices generally affect our relationships to the places we encounter.

I have a background in media, having studied digital media and film production and worked in website management for over 11 years. I blog about my research and technology trends at my Webslinger blog.

I also love collecting things, particularly postcards which I have done since I was six years old.  I’m always accepting new donations, so feel free to mail away…

For more about me, visit my portfolio site at glenfarrelly.com


2 comments on “About Glen

  1. How crazy are you about postcards? I just found a box in my basement with postcards I bought in England in the 60s and 70s, in Europe in the 90s, and some other art postcards etc. If you are in TO and want them, drop me a line. They make a stack about 2 inches high. Otherwise they are off to Value Village.


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